TURKEY RED OIL is primarily used to aid in the mixing of essential oils with water. It isn't 100% effective, but it is a natural alternative that works effectively and is much better than synthetics. Other lipids, additives, and essential oils are more easily soluble with this oil.  
ACTIVATED CARBON is used for filtering the liquid and gases, in various range of applications. This chemical is made using many items with high carbon content, such as coal, coconut shells, and wood. This chemicals properties and performance are heavily influenced by the raw material. This is very effective to use. 
SODIUM ACETATE is made by neutralizing acetic acid. This chemical can be identified as a food additive by its group name, substance name, or shortened term, depending on the use. This is an electrolyte replenisher that can be added to intravenous fluids to prevent or correct low sodium levels in the blood.

MONOSODIUM PHOSPHATE is an inorganic chemical that can be utilized in the treatment of food and water. In metal finishing, this chemical is used as a pH control in acid-type metal cleaners. It's also used to preserve freshness, change texture, and create a range of other effects in foods.
SODIUM META BISULFITE is widely utilized in the food industry as a preservative and disinfectant. It is less expensive than cysteine, but because cysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid, it has been proven to be more effective and acceptable as a food additive. This is chemical is very economical and safe to use. 

Octanol Solvent
Octanol Solvent is used to make esters, which are used in perfumes and flavorings. It has a strong smell. Because it is a nonpolar chemical, the result of 2-octanol is a ketone, which is insoluble in water. This can be found in essential oils. It's used to determine how lipophilic pharmaceuticals are.

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